Girl between skyscrapers with a Monarchy logo overlay

Our mission

We are spearheading a renaissance.
We are building companies that build society.
We are uplifting people.
We are facilitating innovation.
WE are Monarchy.

What we are trying to do

We want to thrive and create beauty in all aspects of our own lives and those we touch through our personal and business dealings.

We want to build a catalyst to improve society by facilitating potential innovation. We are here to create a true renaissance and we believe that the ones dreaming the new realities of the world are artists, that all entrepreneurs are artists and that business is an artistic creation.

Who we are and what we do

We are a HIT factory managed by “NAVY SEALs” - meaning we work to condense 10 years into 12 months, helping small companies reach 7 figures in 12 months or less. Because of this condensed time frame, we HAVE to outwork everyone...and we DO!

We like to build businesses and the ultimate PRODUCT of our TEAM is to build ASSETS that keep producing! We’re big fans of win-win situations.

Team uniting hands with a Monarchy logo shadow

Our approach

We scale businesses with an acquisition model - meaning we partner WITH the businesses. Monarchy is the ENGINE and we make money when they make money.

Our niche is bridging the digital gap, helping small businesses achieve velocity, reach and pass 7 figures FAST! For those that have already broken a million, we help them break 5 million - usually in less than 24 months!

Our structure is simple. We’re a high-end, exclusive, growth team. We work with businesses that want to ACCELERATE their GROWTH to solve their fit-to-market analysis, marketing structure, and sales process. We implement a sales team, sales training, and in turn, scale the business. We focus on businesses with durable advantages and unique entrepreneurs to accelerate and participate towards their success.

What drives us

We love seeing the companies we collaborate with - high-quality companies with helpful and ethical products and services - grow and become better than they were before. Mentoring them and pushing them to their full potential is what makes us tick.

How we define success

One way is quantifiable - numbers, revenue, valuation, etc. - and the other is based on quality - how much help and value is being provided by us at Monarchy and by the companies, we partner with.

It’s not all about money and money is not the highest value. Success is based on what aligns with one’s own integrity and we’re BIG on integrity! We highly respect people who stand firmly in their beliefs and who believe what they believe even if it’s not safe or popular to do so!

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“The Grandma Rule”

In our company we value values. In deciding which companies we want to take on and work with we have a “Golden Rule” that we call the “Grandma Rule”... “Would you sell it to your grandma?” If not, we don’t want any part of it.

We choose companies based on whether or not we feel the products and services are aligned to creating a renaissance and whether or not they are benefiting people or harming them according to OUR values and beliefs.

Who we are

To us, one’s attitude and how you treat people, including yourself, is important. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and set an example of care for others. All executives and CEOs that we work with are held to the same standards as ourselves and we don’t work with people who fall short of excellence in this regard.

Inclusion is also big for us! We like to include those around us in our success and see them succeed as well. We value an energetic, positive approach to business and life as a whole and feel that happy, helpful people get better work done. We look for staff who are dedicated and work to make them partners. Our goal is that all of our staff end up being our partners! They give life to us and our business, we give life back. That makes us extremely proud.

What we respect

We respect people that make you feel bigger when you’re around them. People who feel the need to speak poorly or gossip about others are not our people and we don't play those games. We stand on the side of love, forgiveness, kindness and loyalty. We are strong and we are composed. We don’t pay negativity forward - only kindness and grace. We are agents of harmony and our friends are those who feel and ACT the same way.

Woman doing hand work in an artisan workshop

What inspires us

We don’t believe in inspiration...We don’t do inspirational quotes....We don’t even want to inspire people. But hear us out! Most of the time “inspiration” is a bunch of “ra ra ray!”... and then nothing happens. We’re interested in what is truly valuable. Valuable things are actionable things. And we like action!

If you’re an entrepreneur, you do what needs to get done - no motivation needed. We are not inspired to do what we do, we do it because we see the need and feel it’s the right thing to do, so we do it. It’s something we’re spiritually connected to and that’s what drives us forward day in and day out.

Our culture

Our culture is built around production, with all members of our team constantly doing their best to achieve a good product. We appreciate people who create and share the beauty in their work and in their lives. Skills can be developed, but you have to have the right purpose alignment with each and every staff member.

We are the orchestra conductor ensuring each player is invested in the game and working in harmony. If a note is not aligned it will create dissonance sooner or later, so it's up to us to hire the right players and work together to create the perfect song.