Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

Nicole Tabibzadeh CEO and Co-founder

Nicole is a serial entrepreneur and Humanitarian.

She is currently the CEO of Monarchy Media, Co-Founder of Upliffs, a modern fitness brand, and Co-Founder of Serendipity

Film Group, a film production company that just announced its first TV series with ABC.

Nicole Tabibzadeh CEO and Co-founder


In less than 2 years Monarchy has developed unique business strategies and is growing in the market with a very different approach than regular agencies. Meet some of our leaders and get in touch to learn more about us. #WeAreMonarchy

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With a wealth of skills and experience between them, meet the leaders who have made Monarchy the powerhouse it is today.

Nicole T

Founder and CEO

Alessandro L

Chief Programs Officer

Mattia R

Chief Technical Officer

Fabio A

President - Monarchy Media Italia

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Here are some of our teammates, we love them and what they do.

Tatiana M

Creative Media Director

Sven H

Video Director

Anies C

Social Media Officer

Bari G

Lead Designer

Roger T

Products Director

May A

English Copywriter

Marco M

Italian Copywriter

Erika S

Content Creator

Valentina D

Content Creator

Laura A

Projects Manager

Eunice A

Executive Assistant

Randy P

Graphic Designer

Henry P

Web Developer

Yamir S

Graphic Designer