Meet Our Founders

Andrea d'Agostini

Andrea d'Agostini CEO and Co-founder

Andrea d’Agostini has a lengthy track record as a company builder and chief marketer. He joined OriginClear in January 2022 as President and Chief Strategic Officer or CSO, responsible for developing, communicating, and executing the company's strategies to enhance strategic initiatives, future goals, and financial growth.

Andrea is Co-Founder and Chairman of, an innovative tech startup in the marketing and automation space, and also serves on the board of a private community of 20,000 crypto investors dedicated to supporting the launch of investment-oriented coins.

Andrea d'Agostini CEO and Co-founder

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Nicole Tabs

Nicole Tabs Creative Director and Co-founder
Nicole Tabs Creative Director and Co-founder

Nicole is a serial entrepreneur and Humanitarian.

She is currently the Creative Director of Monarchy Media, Co-Founder of Upliffs, a modern fitness brand, and Co-Founder of Serendipity Film Group, a film production company that just announced its first TV series with ABC.


In less than 2 years Monarchy has developed unique business strategies and is growing in the market with a very different approach than regular agencies. Meet some of our leaders and get in touch to learn more about us. #WeAreMonarchy

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With a wealth of skills and experience between them, meet the leaders who have made Monarchy the powerhouse it is today.

Andrea D

CEO & Co-Founder

Nicole T

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Micaela R

Chief Operations Officer

Mattia R

Chief Technical Officer

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Here are some of our teammates, we love them and what they do.

Anies C

Influencers and PR Director

Bari G

Lead Designer

May A

English Copywriter

Pablo B

Social Media Manager

Sven H

Video Editor


Video Editor

Avgustina M

Media Buyer

Eros R

Marketing Interne