Have you ever thrown money at several different marketing channels hoping at least one does well and then you’ll put more money into that one? You are told to do Facebook, Instagram, Influencer Marketing, YouTube, Events, Shows etc. but is this right?


One of the most overlooked components of marketing is your strategy. The short answer is yes,  you should do the above things, but the key point is THEY HAVE TO ALL ALIGN. Having a different campaign for each piece of your marketing won’t push one message. You may get results, but you will get the most beneficial results when you keep them aligned. 


They should all work with each other. Do they connect to each other? Are you creating a direct flow that grabs the attention of your potential customer? How does everything align? Do your various media channels match? Each platform has their own successful style. One can be more beneficial when you are formal, and another can be way more rewarding when you are informal. 


          It’s important to keep up with each platform’s changes, and strategize how to get the most results. Monarchy does this for you.

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